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As rugged as Estes Park is, humans have lived in the area for about 12,000 years. Archeologists have reported that the first people known to have crossed the Bering Strait land bridge between Asia and North America (at Alaska) came to the Estes area. Later on, around 2000 B.C, a Paleo-Indian culture known as the McKean people hunted for game here, using the area’s natural, mountainous landscape to “funnel” animals to areas where groups of hunters could then descend for the kill.

Search Estes homes for sale and ask your Realtor about the Ute and Arapaho Native American tribes who would visit Estes Colorado real estate in the summer — just as thousands of Americans do today. These tribes spent the winter in the Middle Park region south of Grand Lake and the remnants of the trail they used to cross the Continental Divide is still visible.
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Joel Estes, the adventurer for whom the town is named, came to the Estes Valley in 1859, after having made a considerable fortune as a California gold miner. He moved his family (his wife and their 13 children) and a herd of cattle to the area in 1860. The Estes family hosted William Byers, owner/editor of the Rocky Mountain News in 1864. To honor Estes, Byers named the area Estes Park. Several cattle ranchers set up business in the 1870s. The community’s Elkhorn Lodge was built about this time. A former guest of the lodge, F.O. Stanley, fell in love with the area and returned to build the world-famous Stanley Lodge (the model for the hotel in the thriller The Shining) in 1909. Visitors have been flocking to the area ever since.

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